I’m participating in a Lion Brand KAL, the Saturday Morning Hoodie. You can find information about it here on Ravelry or here. It looks like it would be a nice comfy cardigan to be lazy in – something I good at. I’m knitting it with Lion Brand Tweed in Woodlands colorway. To be honest, I’m not a huge acrylic fan but I do like this yarn. It’s soft and I just want to curl up in it. Great for a sweater!

I’m not too far on the sweater yet but hope to knit a little each night. I’m a very slow knitter and haven’t tried an adult knitting project but I don’t plan to use this until next fall so I have a lot of time to finish.

I’m working on the back and this is what I have finished so far.

I also have a dishcloth/washcloth I’m working on. It’s for a Cloth and Soap swap, another group on Ravelry. I’m almost done but stopped working on it last week when I got sick. It’s currently sitting at work so I need to get it and finish it. This one has to be mailed by March 5 so I still have time.


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