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I made my graddaughter a shirt from a tutorial over at Noodles and Milk. I am very pleased with the way it turned out. I purchased the felt ribbon at Hobby Lobby and  the shirt at the Dollar Store. I didn’t sew the bow on because I wasn’t sure how it would wash, even though I purchased it in the fabric department. I pinned it with a safety-pin so hopefully me granddaughter won’t have any problems with it. I think it is cute.

Family, sewing


I made 2 dresses for E this week. I had some fabric I bought from ( love the site!) last fall and used McCalls pattern M6017, with a few changes.

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For the first:   I basically made the bodice the same but changed the skirt a bit. I had 1 yard of the fabric for the skirt, cut it in half and sewed the pieces together to match up the pattern. I then gathered it a bit and sewed it to the bodice. Notice the straps are gathered as well. I thought they turned out cute.

For the second dress, I pretty much followed the pattern but made the straight straps instead of the gathered straps. .This dress was a lot easier since I didn’t have to match patterns but I like the first one better. It’s really hard to see the dress in the picture. She was very excited and I couldn’t get her to stand still. Her hair also wasn’t brushed yet so it’s all over the place.  The first picture was taken at VBS. I think she’s dancing!

I have enough fabric from the bodice of the first dress left over to make her a skirt. Her parents really don’t need to buy her clothes. Grandma & grandpa keep her fully clothed! Next project up is a craft apron for her. It’ll be a lot easier:  ready-made apron with iron ons!