About Me

I’m Karen, a 40 something Kansan who loves to cook, bake, knit, sew, and just be creative. I want to be one of those people who can take a stick, a piece of ribbon, and glue and make something fantastic. Instead I’m the kind of person that takes a stick, a piece of ribbon, and glue and winds up with ribbon wrapped around a stick and glue all over my hands and shirt! But then I get to peel the glue off my hands and I’m happy again. 🙂

I’ve been married to my wonderful hubby since 2000 and have one daughter, a son-in-law, and two of the best granddaughters ever! I am independently wealthy and do whatever I want! Oh, wait, that was last night’s dream! In real life, I teach Spanish and am a wanna be librarian. I hope to use this blog to record my thoughts, crafts, and whatever else comes to mind.

Feel free to contact me!


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