Preschool Graduation

My granddaughter had her preschool graduation last night. There were seven graduating preschoolers and they were so cute in their little caps & gowns! They walked down the aisle to their seats and were so excited. The kids did a very good job.

The program was cute. They sang songs they learned this year, such as the Alphabet Song, Months of the Year and Fun in Preschool. Each student received a diploma and large bottle of bubbles. The kids were also supposed to each receive a balloon but one balloon spontaneously exploded popped so the balloons were used to decorate the classroom instead. The lead teacher said that in her 13 years of preschool graduations, this is the 1st time a balloon popped.

Each graduate gave their mom a yellow rose and at the end, they yelled, “Kindergarten here we come!” Then it was time for pictures and cake. I’m sure the kids thought the cake was the best part!

Preschool graduation

Looking to the future


It’s Been More Than One Year!

That’s how long it’s been since I last posted. I would like to say that school starts and I get too busy with lesson planning, grading, and all the work that comes with teaching. That would not be true though. There are many nights and weekends that I just sit on the couch and watch TV when I could be working on my blog.

I decided I need a written plan posted in plain sight so I get things done!! I’ve been busy working on a blog planner and will post what I use at a later time. I took ideas and pages from planners I found online so will be sure to credit those wonderful people who put in tons of work!

Right now I want to talk about what has been happening lately.

My biggest news is that I have a new granddaughter! She was born March 12 (I love even numbers), exactly 4 months after her sister’s 5th birthday. It is wonderful that they live in the same town as I do. I get to see them whenever I want!.

My Grandkids

My Grandkids


My oldest granddaughter is 5 now and just finished up with soccer. It’s the 1st time she has ever played any type of team sport and let’s just say soccer isn’t her forte. You know the kid who wanders aimlessly around, maybe picking dandelions off the field? That would be my granddaughter. I finally figure out how to get her to run with the others though. Have both grandmas at the game with cameras pointed towards her!

I will say she provided lots of comic relief. She came running around the field one time and as she ran past us, she yelled “Dad I have to potty!” and just kept running towards the bathroom. Then there was the game that she was running down the field and decided she was tired so she laid down! There were several times she was standing on the field as the ball flew past her. Of course she was looking at the clouds or facing the other direction at the time so it’s no wonder she didn’t see the ball.

She did get some kicks in though and had some good plays. However a couple of times, she kicked the ball and her shoe flew farther than the ball.  She was on a roll one game and was running the ball down the field with the ball. She was far ahead of the other girls…because the ref blew the whistle. Finally before she got to the goal, she realized what was going on. She didn’t care though, she’s only 5 after all. She had some fun, which at 5 is the main goal but said she didn’t like playing. Her last game was yesterday and all the girls got a small trophy with their name and number and the team name on it. As we were driving back to her house, she happily exclaimed, “I can’t wait to play next year!” We’ll see kid, we’ll see.

She is enrolled in T-ball. Grandpa bought her a glove, ball and t-ball post. She spent Friday night with us and played t-ball for almost 2 hours, then woke up on Saturday wanting to play. I think she may like that a little better than soccer.


I made my graddaughter a shirt from a tutorial over at Noodles and Milk. I am very pleased with the way it turned out. I purchased the felt ribbon at Hobby Lobby and  the shirt at the Dollar Store. I didn’t sew the bow on because I wasn’t sure how it would wash, even though I purchased it in the fabric department. I pinned it with a safety-pin so hopefully me granddaughter won’t have any problems with it. I think it is cute.


That’s was my granddaughter’s expression when she saw my Christmas tree. It was so cute! My daughter and she came over and she ran to give me a hug, then gave grandpa a hug, and then saw the tree. I did use unbreakable ornaments in case she liked it too much. I also used the book page ornaments I made. As usual, not the best pictures


I made 2 dresses for E this week. I had some fabric I bought from ( love the site!) last fall and used McCalls pattern M6017, with a few changes.

Cats & Dogs

For the first:   I basically made the bodice the same but changed the skirt a bit. I had 1 yard of the fabric for the skirt, cut it in half and sewed the pieces together to match up the pattern. I then gathered it a bit and sewed it to the bodice. Notice the straps are gathered as well. I thought they turned out cute.

For the second dress, I pretty much followed the pattern but made the straight straps instead of the gathered straps. .This dress was a lot easier since I didn’t have to match patterns but I like the first one better. It’s really hard to see the dress in the picture. She was very excited and I couldn’t get her to stand still. Her hair also wasn’t brushed yet so it’s all over the place.  The first picture was taken at VBS. I think she’s dancing!

I have enough fabric from the bodice of the first dress left over to make her a skirt. Her parents really don’t need to buy her clothes. Grandma & grandpa keep her fully clothed! Next project up is a craft apron for her. It’ll be a lot easier:  ready-made apron with iron ons!

Spring Break

It’s Friday and the end of Spring Break. 😦 It was a good one though. My daughter, granddaughter, and I went to my dad’s for a few days earlier this week. He lives in Oklahoma, just north of Tulsa, which is where I’m from. We left Sunday after lunch hoping that Bunny would take a nap but of course she didn’t. I think she was excited about taking a road trip. We stopped to eat at Braum’s in Blackwell. If you want some of the best ice cream, this is the place. We don’t have one in our town so we always stop at a Braum’s for dinner and ice cream.

Drove through Pawhuska, as we usually do, and discovered they now have a McDonald’s! For such a little town, they have quite a few stores. One of these days, I’ll stop off and visit their


Went to the zoo on Monday. The weather was perfect. It was overcast but warm and just a bit windy. I love the zoo and I think Bunny does too. She loves looking at the animals and really seemed interested in the snakes.

I’ll tell you, I wouldn’t mind being a kid again. After all you get to sit and ride through the zoo!

Bunny also loved my dad’s house. He lives at the top of a hill on 5 acres. There was a lot of room to run around. We spent most of our time outside since the weather was so nice. She got to explore,

play with the cat,

and ride around in a wagon hunting dandelions with great-grandpa.

We also did a little shopping in Tulsa because, hey, they have stores and malls! Bunny made out like a bandit. We ate at Olive Garden, where she had spaghetti. A 2 yr. old + spaghetti = a big mess! So I found a cute little dress on sale for $10 for her to wear. We also got her Easter dress, a Minnie Mouse cup, and who knows what else while we were shopping. We did take a little break at the play area in the mall. 

Note the cute spaghetti free dress!

And she went on her first carousel ride!

But alas, it was time to return home to Kansas. We picked a great time to go there and come back as it got chilly there for the rest of the week. It was more than chilly here at home but I didn’t mind too much.

So just the weekend to go and then back to work. It was a fun and relaxing week.