What should I make?

Ugh… This was not a good weekend! I had that horrible stomach flu and did not get anything done. I wanted to re-pot plants and get some sewing and crafting done. Instead I spent the weekend on the couch or in bed. We have Spring Break next week so I hope to catch up on EVERYTHING!! 

Since I lost my weekend and all that wonderful craft time, I decided I would let you help me catch up! I’m posting Pinterest links to five craft/sewing projects I want to do and am letting you choose my next project! Comment below to let me know which one I should make. The one with the most comments is the one I will make! I’ll post the results and the project next week!

For the garden: http://pinterest.com/pin/30399366209584911/

For my youngest granddaughter: http://pinterest.com/pin/30399366210964494/

My oldest granddaughter loves rainbows! http://pinterest.com/pin/30399366211227504/

I could always use a new robe. http://pinterest.com/pin/30399366210907659/

For the home. http://pinterest.com/pin/30399366208115743/