Lace Up Cards


I made some lace up cards for Bunny today. She’s only 2 and has never played with a lace up card so I kept them simple. The smiley face is just a shape I got from Word. I colored it with a yellow crayon. I just love crayons! The heart is from Printmaster Platimum 18. I laminated them with my Xyron, used a single hole punch and picked up some shoe strings at Wal-Mart. The shoe strings are very long but I told myself that I can make larger cards as she gets used to playing with them and thus use continue to use the same strings. Bunny will get to play with it tomorrow. I hope she likes it.  

As I was linking the Printmaster site I noticed they have a Nick Jr version. I am going to have to get that! Bunny loves Dora, Diego, the Backyardigans and pretty much everything on Nick Jr. That would be so cool!

On an end note – I have got to learn to take better pictures!


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