Thing-a-day 5: Valentines

Day five’s entry. I had planned to make this early and kept getting other ideas. I have some blank cards and used scraps for the rest. Not a good photo but hopefully you can see it.

Thing-a-day 3: Keep Me Clean Spring



 My 3rd installment in the Thing-a-day project. I made this for Bunny so we can get messy when she comes over. That is as long as grandpa doesn’t freak!

I took a napkin I received as a wedding gift. It included 4 napkins and 4 placemats which we haven’t used at all that much. I just folded back two of the corners and sewed them on a diagonal then attached some ribbon for the ties. It was super easy and a great way to use up things I have. Just another reason not to throw anything away…you never know when or how you might use it!



Thing a day 1: The 5 minute card

I’m participating in Thing-a-Day 2011 over at It is a “collective creative blog that lives for one month every February. Participants commit to create new things every day and share them with the rest of the group” (taken from their site. It took me forever but I figured out how to autopost my entries there to this post. Below is day 1.

This was a quick make, hence the name, using scraps I had. Not sure what I’ll use it for. Maybe a happy spring card if Spring ever gets here!

Lace Up Cards


I made some lace up cards for Bunny today. She’s only 2 and has never played with a lace up card so I kept them simple. The smiley face is just a shape I got from Word. I colored it with a yellow crayon. I just love crayons! The heart is from Printmaster Platimum 18. I laminated them with my Xyron, used a single hole punch and picked up some shoe strings at Wal-Mart. The shoe strings are very long but I told myself that I can make larger cards as she gets used to playing with them and thus use continue to use the same strings. Bunny will get to play with it tomorrow. I hope she likes it.  

As I was linking the Printmaster site I noticed they have a Nick Jr version. I am going to have to get that! Bunny loves Dora, Diego, the Backyardigans and pretty much everything on Nick Jr. That would be so cool!

On an end note – I have got to learn to take better pictures!

What did you do today?

I made a bulletin board at work today. Not great, as I just slapped stuff up on the board, but it was something I accomplished today. Other than that, I was not creative.

I was supposed to take Bunny (my granddaughter) to dance class today but she was a little sicky. Mom and dad took her to the doctor and she’s just getting over a cold but they said to keep an eye out in case it develops into a sinus infection. She was sleeping when I called to pick her up so we decided to just let her sleep.

Bunny’s dance class is for 2-3 yr. olds. Bunny is 2 as of last November and you can tell a difference between the 2 & 3 yr. olds. Bunny doesn’t really participate, she does what she likes and decides when she is finished. I don’t think we’ve ever stayed for an entire session. There comes a time when she says “I done.” and she means I done. I don’t mind, I just want her to have fun and to be around other kids her age.

She is coming over tomorrow to visit grandma and grandpa so I’m happy. We color, watch Dora, her all time favorite, and I think I’m going to come up with some other activity to do. She loves the magnetic nativity characters I made at Christmas and still plays with them. Maybe I’ll make something for Valentine’s Day.

Well, that’s what I did. So what did you do today?

Welcome to Crafty Commons!

No one is going to read this but I’ll post it anyway. With this blog I hope to share all of my wonderful wisdom! I enjoy cooking, baking, sewing, knitting, and crafts of all kinds. I’ll probably also post about Hubby, Kitty, Frog, and Bunny, my wonderful granddaughter. Hubby and I have been married for 10 years. Kitty is my 25 yr. old daughter who has been married to Frog for 4 years. They have a 2 yr. old daughter, Bunny, who is not spoiled in the least. At least not spoiled too much. 🙂

So, I’ll take a little time and see how this all goes! If you are reading this, welcome, and stay awhile. You might enjoy it.