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I signed up for the Craftaholics Summer Gift Exchange. It’s the first time I’ve participated but I LOVE exchanges of any kind! For the exchange, you make a crafty item for your secret partner. Although I wonder if the person I was given is also the person who is to send me something. I’m not really sure but that doesn’t matter. All that matters is that I got to make something to give to someone else! We were to mail out items by July 1st, which I did, and that date made me think of Christmas in July so I decided to make a NOEL sign. I got the letters and paper at Hobby Lobby when I was in Topeka, because ours hadn’t opened yet. Luckily ours opened recently. You’ll see why a little later!

Christmas in July - Noel

It was very easy to make. I just used my trusty Mod Podge to glue the papers to the letters. I then cut the around the letters with an X-acto knife to neaten it up. Although I did learn one very important lesson. When working with patterned paper, make sure you have the letter and the paper going in the correct direction. Otherwise you wind up with this…

Christmas in July - Noel oops!


Luckily Hobby Lobby is now open in my town so I could just run out and get another sheet of paper to fix it. Otherwise I would have had to drive 90 miles to get a .50 cent sheet of paper. That would not have happened!

So after the oops was fixed, I put a glossy coat of Mod Podge on all of the letters and here is the finished project!

Christmas in July - Noel

I thought about doing something else with the letters, such as attaching them together, but then I decided I would leave them like this so my giftee could do what she wanted with them. I’m going to make another set for me and incorporate it into my tea cart decorations. I don’t have a mantle but I have a small tea cart (table) that I decorate for all holidays. I will either attached the letters and hang them on the wall above the table or arrange them on the table itself. If I do the latter, I will add something to the back to help them stand on their own.

So I did get this off in the mail on July 1. I hope my partner likes this. It was the first time I’ve made something like this and it’s a project that anyone can do!



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