Mother’s Day Crafts Kids Can Make

Mother's Day is coming up and I've started looking for crafts I can help my grandkids make for their mom (my daughter). So I have scoured the Internet aka Pinterest for ideas. I think this is my top choice because it allows my oldest to do almost all of the work but we can use here footprint and her little sister's. For a 13 month toddler, I think getting a footprint in clay will be a feat in … [Read more...]

Super Simple Smoothie

Super Simple Smoothie Reciipe

I love smoothies. They are tasty and so easy to make. It just takes a few ingredients, a blender and less than 5 minutes! My smoothies make enough for two but if you pour it into a really big glass, you have enough for one! I guess if you poured it into really small glasses, you could have enough for 3-4 servings - but why would you want to do that!?! I always have the ingredients on … [Read more...]

Rainbow Pillowcase

Rainbow Pillow

It is finished! If you remember a while back I posted an entry which asked for your opinion about what I should make. There was a tie, this Rainbow pillowcase for my oldest granddaughter and a garden wreath, which I made and blogged about here. I had to order the fabric for the pillowcase but the material arrived and the case is completed! I used this pattern from Fleece Fun but did make … [Read more...]

What to make with leftover asparagus


I had some asparagus I steamed and seasoned with lemon and butter left over from Easter that I wanted to use. I thought about making a Frittata with it but couldn't find a recipe I liked so I made my own frittata/casserole recipe. It was so simple to make! I used the following: olive oil - just enough to saute the onions 1/4 cup finely chopped onion 1 cup milk 5 slices bread (I … [Read more...]

Bunny Butt Cookies

Bunny Butt Cookies

Ok, I really don't like the work "butt" but these Bunny Butt cookies are so cute I had to make them! They were easy to make. I used: Pre-made sugar cookie dough. You could make your own if you want. 1/4 - 1/3 cup flour, if using pre-made cookie dough Canned Vanilla Icing. Again you could make buttercream icing. Almond M & M's - I picked out the pink ones to use for the cookies. I … [Read more...]

Shop My Stash

Simplicity 4149

I am currently working on a rainbow pillow for my granddaughter and should finish that tomorrow. I was thinking about what I could make next and after looking at the crowded shelves in my craft room, I have decided that it is time to shop my stash! I have so many supplies I bought for different projects that I never made, or never finished. As I was looking at the shelves in my craft room today, I … [Read more...]

A Wreath for the Garden!

For the garden

Earlier this month, I wrote this post asking for your opinion about what I should make. Well the results are in and it was a tie! The two that received the most votes were the wreath for the garden and the pillow for my granddaughter. So I decided to make both! I went to buy the fabric for the pillow but they didn't have what I needed. :( So I ordered it from Fleece Fun, the site that published … [Read more...]

Stuff it!

When my oldest granddaughter was about a year old I made a bean bag for her. The fabric is Michael Miller and the pattern is the Child size bean bag chair available on the Making It Fun blog. I love it because it has an outer cover which is removable and easy to wash. Unfortunately, after several years, the Styrofoam beans have flattened somewhat. She loves it but sitting on it was like … [Read more...]